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The Causes of Heel Pain

Painful heel

What causes the problem? Heel pain is a common occurrence and in most cases the pain is caused by some form of mechanical injury caused by small repetitive injuries that occur at a rate faster than the body can heal them. Heel pain can also be caused by lower back problems or inflammatory joint conditions. The following types of heel pain are not exhaustive but may help you appreciate the complexity of heel pain and why specialist advice can be helpful. Heel spurs (plantar fasciitis or fasciosis): This is the…

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What to expect from a Foot Pain Assessment

Treating foot pain

Foot pain can affect all sorts of daily activities from walking to training or playing golf. It can also affect us emotionally. It is essential to find out what is going on before deciding on the most appropriate action. I can help assess, diagnose, treat and when necessary, refer you for further investigation. Visiting MyPod Foot Clinic for a Foot Pain Assessment? Here’s what to expect… An assessment of your foot complaint – taking a full detailed history and locating the structure(s) causing the pain A biomechanical investigation – taking…

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Ingrowing Toe Nail Service

An ingrowing toe nail

Here at Kidderminster Foot Clinic we run a dedicated Ingrowing Toe Nail Service. We have years of experience in dealing with problem nails and we’ll be able to advise you on the best treatment for your painful nail. Ingrowing or just Pinching? Sometimes it’s not obvious if you have an ingrowing toe nail or one that is just pinching but doesn’t look like an ingrowing toe nail. Get in touch now for your initial consultation and we can decide what the best course of action is for you. Alternatively you…

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Itchy Feet

Feet wearing thick woolly socks

Whilst the weather is cold and damp, we tend to keep our feet covered for longer in an attempt to keep them warm. After working many years as Podiatrist it is normal for me to see a rise in fungal infections, more commonly known as Athlete’s Foot or Ring Worm. The best thing you can do is book an appointment so we can identify the problem and help treat this most common of foot conditions. Treatments will include: Washing socks at a high temperature Treating shoes with antifungal treatments Treating…

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