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Nail Reconstruction for Damaged Nails

A pair of feet wearing sandals by the sea

Here at MyPod we’re delighted to introduce a new service. Now we can repair that damaged toe nail before you go on your holidays or even if its just so you can get those sandals out!!! Using a special resin I am able to reconstruct the damaged toe nail so that it appears similar to the undamaged toe nails you already have. If you would like to know more then contact us or book an initial consultation via our Online Booking service. Get Help and Advice Get in Touch

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Summer Feet

Walking bare foot on grass

When the temperature goes up so does our activity levels and with that our footwear often changes with it. Being more active can increase the pressure under your feet so it’s important that you support them. I’ve added some helpful hints to help keep your feet happy this summer: Avoid flat flimsy flip-flops – instead go for supportive thick soled footwear. At my clinic, I offer a range of Vionic footwear which will help support your feet but also allows you to wear a flip-flop style of shoe. The last…

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